About Us ~ Deb Petersen

Deb started handcrafting her own soaps in 1991 while living a "back to basics" lifestyle, on a farm near beautiful Mount Rainier in Washington State. Her business, Shepherd's Soap Company, officially began in 1994 when Deb had to start selling her soaps in order to support her "hobby". Soap making became her passion and she quickly outgrew the confines of her home. Shepherd's Soap Company has moved three times in the past nineteen years to accommodate its rapid growth. The Company is now manufacturing in a leased commercial building. We have three part-time employees, plus the help of friends and family during our busiest seasons.

Shepherd's Soap Company has products at many retail locations in Washington and California and manufactures private label soaps and other bath products for numerous companies throughout the United States. There are currently three avenues for purchasing directly from the company: through our website, via e-mail or snail mail, or at the Olympia Farmer's Market (open April - December).We have been intensely involved in researching, developing and handcrafting the very finest, all natural, "true" soaps for over nineteen years (since 1991!) Our passion for the craft has served as both anchor and compass to keep us on course through the evolution of our solid business. In that vein, it was good to find that we were not alone when some fellow soap crafters developed the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild (HSMG). We are proud and grateful Members of both the HSMG, and the Natural Ingredients Resource Center (NIRC).